See a fish eagle at Van Bo Visvangoord

The resort originated during 1980 and was founded by Oom Koos and Ant Marie Van Wyk. It falls within the ""dome world conservation area"" and is conveniently located between Paris and Vanderbijl Park. Paris has a rich historical background in terms of antique shops and eateries. The resort is in a safe area and is protected by circuit television and 24 hour patrols. They also have a candy store that provides fresh supplies as well as fun for kids. It is a bird watching paradise with species of 6 fish eagles and owls. The name ""Van Bo"" was originally created from a mixture of 2 family names Van Wyk and Botha. The current owners are currently Andries and Louise Grove and they have owned the resort for the last 8 years.The resort does have a real farm look with cows, horses, chickens etc.

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016 987 7055

Mon - Sun 24 HR